Find: Incoming/Outgoing Wall Basket Wall Basket Fits Anywhere

Those wall-mounted sorting baskets always look so smart in the catalogs, with promises of a tidy work area or kitchen center where permission slips and recipes would never be misplaced.  

 This basket is even better than the usual two-compartment wall-mounted versions because it’s so flexible. It can be hung on the wall or inside a cabinet, or even left to stand on its own atop a desk or bedside table. Its handle can be used for hanging or toting. And, like all natural baskets, it suits most any decor and can be used outdoors.

Pictured is a basket mounted on the wall with an initial attached for an personal touch. Another sits on a desktop holding files. Besides using them for in/out correspondence, you could mount several in a grid or row and assign one to each family member. There are so many possibilities. 

Find this basket at World Market for around $10.