Find: Unsubscribe Unwanted E-Mails with 1 Click

If you’ve offered up your email at the checkout register too many times, now you can take action on your regret. It’s as easy to unsubscribe as it is to delete.

Birmingham area Life Coach Lee Sumner Irwin shares this productivity tip with all her clients: It’s a free feature you can download to easily unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails in one click.

The download will add an “Unsubscribe” button to your toolbar that you can click when you highlight an unwanted email. You can also remove unwanted or malicious applications from your social networks, where the Unsubscribe service can alert you to potentially troublesome and invasive applications. makes a mouse click almost as satisfying as the old red button on the Atari controller.

What is a Life Coach? A professional who helps you clarify your goals and values, makes you aware of your blind spots, and holds you accountable to your own objectives.  A warning: once you are working with Lee, the gripe sessions are over. She won’t let you keep complaining about the same old things without taking constructive action, and that may be just the kick you need.