Find: Yo – A Birthday DJ for Really Young Partiers

We are always looking for new ideas for birthday parties, and  Birmingham Mom Deidre shared a great party experience she had recently.

Deidre discovered local talent Ramaade Bailey, an apparent dead ringer for DJ Lance Rock, and had him provide birthday party entertainment for a group of  kids between one and three years old. Deidre says that besides having the Lance look, Bailey has “the voice, the moves, and the energy” and kept the kids involved and having fun the entire time. At the end of his show, he handed out DJ Lance glasses to all the children.

We haven’t experienced the Yo Gabba Gabba-inspired party ourselves, but we thought Deidre’s strong recommendation was worth sharing. For more information, contact Baileyful Parties at or 205-746-8899.

  • Angela

    I was at this party and DJ Lance Rock did an awesome job! I was not familiar with Yo Gabba Gabba but still enjoyed the show because he had so much energy! The smile on the kiddos faces were priceless!!!

  • Tina

    Thanks, Angela. If this was your first introduction to Yo Gabba Gabba, I am betting that you left the party with the tune “Eyes on My Face” ringing in your head for hours. In fact, just the thought of the song will have me humming it (to my own great annoyance) all day today.