Adorable Costumes at Children’s Theater, Not Only for Cast Members

Is there anything cuter than a true-believing 40-pound superhero or aprincess beaming under her tiara? We don’t think so.

This past weekend at the Birmingham Children’s Theater productions of Cinderella and Legend of Sleepy Hollow, partnered with Imaginations Photography to offer photos of patrons, whether they were in costume or just enjoying the treat of an afternoon together. A costume contest sponsored by brought out some inventive and high-spirited get-ups.

It’s here that we must pause to admire and acknowledge the talents of a gifted professional photographer. Even behind the costumes, Gale and her husband John of Imaginations Photography were able to capture the essence of the kids’ personalities shining through. Momentarily reluctant puppy dogs and princesses warmed up and blossomed under the camera lights and Gale’s gentle encouragement.

If you were one of the guests who had your picture taken, look for it here.

We are grateful to Imaginations Photography for doing such a wonderful job of recording this fun memory for these families.

A special shout out to the mom who was herding her own cast from Alice and Wonderland. She was the White Rabbit and was – of course! – running late. I was inspired by her fun-loving spirit. I now choose to think of myself as a White Rabbit running but somehow getting everyone where they belong, not just a  hamster on a wheel.