Costumes: Scary Wasn’t So Bad

Mom, what's a French Maid?

So the Party City circular arrived in the Sunday paper and I listened absentmindedly as my daughter read out the costume options. After going through the first pages of the usual witches and princesses I heard her mutter, “Gothic Temptress…Midnight Vamp…Racy Referee…”

“Uh, no,” I said as I came to my senses, then grabbed the paper. “Let me see that.”

These last few options, it turned out, were from the teen section. On the next page were the adult costumes, surely inspired by wrestling promoters or perhaps a stripper convention. There was Genie May K Wish, Robyn Da HoodAlly CatraztBabe-a-Lonian, Pocahottie, Officer Rita Dem Rites.

These were not to be confused with the more generic Mile High Captain (pilot), Backdraft Babe (firefighter) and Don’t Touch My Cookie (Girl Scout).

Interestingly, the men’s costumes in the same ad were as arrested as an adolescent boys’ sense of humor, such as zombie (three versions), Bloody Scream, Hercules and the imaginative Sailor Man.

I miss the scary, the macabre, and the ghostly costumes that have fallen out of favor as politically incorrect.  I’m reasonably certain the old spooky costumes were all in fun, and being a ghost at Halloween didn’t push anybody to the dark side or encourage voodoo in the neighborhood. They were actually pretty unisex, all the more fun for being unrecognizable as a repeat trick-or-treater.

Apparently sexy is the new spooky. But I’ve decided that the temptress/vixen trend for girls is way more terrifying.