Lively Mexican (food) at Pinches Tacos

When we see skeletons, we think of spooky Halloween costumes and mischief, but Pinches Tacos in Homewood reminds us that skeletons can also be humorous.This isn’t surprising when you think about it, because who can sing “the foot bone’s connected to the an-kle bone” with a serious face?

Careful, we're not sure this is allowed in Alabama anymore

The fun decor at Pinches Tacos at Hallman Hill is in homage to the Day of the Dead, when relatives who have gone on before are remembered fondly by the living who commemorate their memory by enjoying their loved one’s favorite foods and beverages (to my friends who are taking notes: mocha or merlot).

This is an especially good spot for getting into the festival spirit, with a colorful interior, a menu of fresh made Mexican food, and one of the citys best patios for dining al fresco. It’s not your typical strip-mall Mexican food, either, as items are not limited to chicken/beef and drenched in queso. Instead, tacos and chips are made fresh from corn tortilla with combinations like shrimp and slaw or pork and cilantro.

Don’t let the valet parking fool you into thinking it’s sit-down fancy. It’s actually fast-casual and easily walkable from any parking spot in downtown Homewood or the library. A combination plate of three assorted tacos, rice and beans is under $10, and the kids’ menu selections are $4.95.

This particular Mexican restaurant is here by way of LA, and we don’t mean Lower Alabama.  A hometown boy brought Pinches here after spending a dozen years in California, where Pinches has several locations. Los Angeles, like many other international cities, celebrates the Day of the Dead and isn’t so skittish about its skeletons. As the halloween-loving city that we are, maybe we can have some fun with Dem Bones ourselves.

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