Trick-or-Treat Options (no door-to-door)

Some years the idea of hoofing it around the neighborhood for a bag’s worth of fun-size treats just isn’t appealing. Especially when the revelry falls on school nights, there’s just no way to let go and know that the kids can sleep off their sugar hangovers the next morning. Here are some options besides going door-to-door:

*Mountain Brook’s Crestline has borrowed Mobile’s Mardi Gras parade-and-moon-pie tradition, where the Mystics of Mountain Brook put on a Halloween parade that is tons of fun. Assuming you’re not a neighborhood resident who will be walking to the parade, take the kids to an early diner at Zoe’s, Otey’s, or La Paz (or a yogurt snack at 32 degrees) and then head outside to watch the parade from around Emmet O’Neal library at 4 p.m. The imaginative floats and halloween beads will have you fully spooked (in a good way) even if you don’t do another thing for the 31st.

*Trunk or Treat – Most mega-congregations and some smaller ones sponsor Trunk-or Treats, where Sunday School classes coordinate elaborate displays and give out candy and perhaps even provide a hot dog dinner. Although the kids of the congregation could be a large enough audience for these church events, most are designed to be community outreach opportunities and are quite sophisticated. If you go, know that “scary” costumes are discouraged. You may even get a lesson attached to your candy corn. (We don’t have to fear death…)

*Retail stores – How do you get people with wallets into your stores on Halloween night? Offer their children candy! Most stores within shopping destinations, such as the Galleria, the Summit, or Shops of Grand River, offer candy at their registers. If the weather is inclement or you need to grab a few things, you won’t find a better bribe than candy to get the kids to tag along.

*Libraries – Many Birmingham area libraries are going to be handing out candy at the children’s and teen’s desks on Halloween. I love the library better than anybody, but I’m going to admit that it is not where I (let alone my kids)  imagine spending Halloween evening. On the other hand, this year the 31st falls on a Monday. If the kids have homework and you want to set some easy limits on the foolishness of the evening, the library is your ticket.

Of course, if you’re opting out of neighborhood soliciting, do the decent thing and leave some candy out on your porch. Otherwise, you may be tricked and deservedly so.

Check out our Calendar – it’s FULL of wonderful events on Halloween weekend.

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  • Krista

    Is trick-or-treating being done on Monday night or Saturday or Sunday? We just moved to the area and aren’t too sure how it works around here.

  • Tina

    Welcome to Birmingham! Glad we connected on Twitter. Most neighborhoods are leaving trick-or-treating on Monday, the 31st. There are lots of community-type Halloween events going on through the weekend, though.