Best Places to View Brilliant Fall Color

Take some time to notice what is all around

Americans spend good money to visit destinations that promise fall color this time of year. And guess what? We’ve got gorgeous fall color in every direction in Birmingham, a designated Tree City with views that go for miles.

With a little mindfulness, you can see breathtaking color as you go about your daily business, driving to work, shopping, perhaps sitting on your back deck. Finally, the season when we can enjoy the benefits of a topography that requires steep driveways, lots of fill dirt, and tethering the dog so he doesn’t fall off your back deck and plunge into an abyss.

Pause in appreciation at some of these spots:

Vestavia, crest of Hwy 31 heading south – you’d be delighted to have a chalet with a view of these mountains. Get a closer look by pulling into Vestavia’s Library in the Forest where you can sit in climate controlled comfort among the falling leaves.

The Summit – so many vantage points here. Have dinner at Chuy’s where you can dine in an outdoor courtyard with a fountain tinkling in the background. Enjoy coffee at Barnes & Noble’s Starbucks patio. If it’s too cool to sit on the outside, request a window seat at PF Chang’s (those giant horse’s rears never get old with the boys in the family).

Bass Pro Shops, Leeds – The approach to Bass Pro Shops almost wipes the interstate out of your mind. Between the quiet lake and the winding road, you can let go of your obsession with arriving and just enjoy the short drive, never mind whether you ever go into the camo emporium.

Cahaba Road from Brookwood Mall to Mountain Brook Village – Perhaps you drive this road every day, but you are missing out if you aren’t pausing to appreciate the canopy of trees.

Tip Top Grill, Bluff Park – Get a great burger with a view thrown in. Did you know they serve breakfast as well? Gazing out over the valley, you are king of the world. Or the picnic table.

Oak Mountain/Ruffner Mountain – it isn’t really fair to lump these together because they each have a unique appeal. The point is, you don’t live anywhere in town where you can’t get to a quiet spot for reflection. Enjoy the illusion of getting lost along a trail, even while you are secure inside the most densely populated area of the state.

Jefferson State College Campus, Pinson – This time of year this Jeff State campus boasts gorgeous vistas in every direction and can claim a beauty as impressive as any of the venerable old brick buildings at our larger and older educational institutions.

Get outside! Look at Fresh Air Family’s calendar of outdoor events all over the state. You’re sure to find a venue that suits your family.