Willy Wonka Comes to Life on Stage at BCT This Weekend


Gumball Machine or Spaceship?

Imagine creating a wonderland full of chocolate rivers, Oompa Loompas, giant gobstoppers, gum ball machines that provide a full course meal and other ingenious inventions for a live audience. Well, it’s here.  The 14-member crew at Birmingham Children’s Theatre has worked since September to bring Willy Wonka (known to some as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to life and it opens this week on the mainstage at the BJCC!!

How will Violet blow up like a Blueberry after trying the “Three-Course
Dinner” gum?
How will the scale “reject” Veruca and send her down a shoot (safely)? How will Mike be shrunk by Wonkavision? Will Charlie and his Grandpa float in the Fizzy Room?

These are but a few of the on-stage challenges presented by this fantastic story.

Bringing the show to life

The BCT crew including master carpenters, lighting specialists, prop managers and costumes designers created, for example, a set that will change from the town backdrop to the psychedelic chocolate factory, a lighting plan that may create illusions such as characters shrinking, floating, disappearing or turning blue, 28 costumes (including one that needs to expand on-stage) and extraordinary props (extra large gobstoppers, Double Bubble and Wonka Bars).     When we visited Birmingham Children’s Theatre to capture the re-creation of this imaginative production, it was clear that the crew has a sense of anticipation and fun about these on-stage stunts – aquality that is sure to come through when it opens on Saturday, December 3rd for its first public performance.

This fun, creative and candy-filled show is a great way to launch your
holidays.   Ticket prices are reasonably priced at $12 for adults and $10 for kids and may be purchased online.  Performances occur at 2pm on December 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th.  Get your tickets today!!