Christmas Elf Home Invasion: More Reports

Those crazy elves are out with a vengeance this season. Why do so many parents let them into their houses? Don’t they know how much work it takes to keep up with an elf invasion?

Take some of these stories:

Some elves love Fruit Loops, but ONLY the red and green ones. One family came into the kitchen for Saturday breakfast and there was their elf, already seated with her own smaller bowl of red and green Fruit Loops.

Another family’s elf is campaigning to bring the holiday spirit into the pantry. He’s usually behind all the holiday-themed food packages that come into the house, waiting on the kitchen counter in the morning with something  from the grocery like Keebler cookies and graham crackers – showing elf support, after all – and baking supplies, even some holiday blend coffee for dad. If it’s got so much as a sprig of holly or a snowflake on the packaging, the elf gets the credit.

It is common knowledge that elves can’t resist remote controlled toys like cars and helicopters. If the elves aren’t found seated in them after a  night of playing, they’re found next to the remote controller with the helicopter stuck up on top of the tallest bookshelf.

You’d be amazed by the variety of snacks your elves prefer(red and green, of course). For example, red and green grapes, red and green apples,  strawberries and kiwi fruit, and especially those pretty red Babybel cheese rounds. The elves might place these snacks on the counter as a suggestion to the children. Sometimes mom is the first to make the connection that the elf is going for the red and green theme, but once she does, everyone else catches on.

These elves just won’t quit. As word gets out, more and more elves are bound to pull these tricks, so you’d better keep a close eye on yours.