Find: NYC at JCP? Uncommon Stocking Stuffers at JC Penney

If you were riding a Big Apple Tour Bus this Christmas, chances are you’d be stopping off at Dylan’s Candy Bar and the Museum of Modern Art to pick up some gifts for home. Unfortunately, you’re riding a minivan down Hwy 280 looking for stocking stuffers, but that’s no reason not to have a tiny slice of Big Apple.

JCPenney has candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar along with practical objects of elegant design from the MOMA store. The candy is colorful and fun, essentially the same swirled lollipops you can find at Cracker Barrel but less nostalgic and grandmother-y. The MOMA items range from novelties (great interest, little value) to practical objects that are beautifully designed.

Most of the MOMA items are less than $10 on sale. Check out the Owl kitchen timer for managing kids on the homework/reading clock. The tiny Baby Ben-style alarm clock is complete with real bells on the top and is suitable for hanging from the backpack zipper, an essential feature for school kids. It is a mix of old fashioned and adorable modern. We may never revert back to rotary dialed phones, but a real alarm bell is still more pleasant than an electronic buzz.

My favorite is the parrot-shaped bottle opener. Granted, this isn’t a kid’s stocking stuffer, but any boat or vacation home owner should have one of these to celebrate that it’s always five o’clock for them.