Find: Poster Calendars that Make Great Prints

Books and calendars offer some of the best prints you will find for your home, and they are some of the cheapest as well. There are a couple of calendars that are out this year that are particularly well suited to framing and are already on quality paper.

Consider this calendar (sold out at Anthropologie but still available online), featuring beautiful birds. True, ornithological (related to birds) prints have had a moment for awhile now, but something about birds seems so endlessly optimistic that they aren’t tiresome yet. For about $21 – less after the first of the year markdowns – you can have a calendar for one year, then split the prints into any number of coordinating framed accessories for your home.*

The thing about birds is that they can work anywhere from an office to bedroom, and can look exuberant or refined based on the framing you choose.

Fits in a $6 frame from Michael's

Speaking of framing, here’s a calendar from Z Gallerie that is fun (also online). It’s vintage Barbie and perfect for a girls’ room. I’ve framed one here with a $6 frame from Michael’s, which illustrates how a standard frame will work just fine. Add custom framing or a mat, though, and you could really make it impressive.

* If you like the framed bird idea but want to try it on the cheap, check out for free printable Audubon-style bird illustrations. There are also sea life versions to add in for your beach-y summer months).

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