Anybody Here? BCS Championship Practically Becoming a State Holiday

If you're at home you're not searching for a toilet like everyone else on Bourbon Street (Sun. night)

How lucky are we that this is the third year in a row that an Alabama team is in the BCS national championship game? This is becoming a habit that nobody minds.

How many offices are operating with a skeleton staff today because of the employees who are in New Orleans? Although the past two years we’ve had Alabama contingents traveling west for the games, this year everyone seems to be in on the action. The game is practically in our backyard, with plenty of folks who don’t have tickets going to the Big Easy just to be there. Of all places, New Orleans is the closest to a giant city-wide viewing party (Sugar Bowl and otherwise).

Even if you’re at work, you’re 1) keyed up about the game, or 2) out of sorts from hearing all the talk about the game. After all, didn’t they already play the “game of the century” in the regular season?

Oh well, let’s just enjoy the fact that our football programs have had the incredible distinction of being the center of national attention – in a good way – for the third year running. Yes, it’s true that we desperately need to address the areas where our state lags, like  obesity, education, poverty. But for tonight, there’s no use trying to do anything else besides give in to our vices: eat and watch.