Baby Gifts and Gear featured on Talk of Alabama

Here are some of the interesting baby gifts and gear previewed on ABC 33/40′s Talk of Alabama Thursday morning:

The gift for “You mean the baby shower for Julie in Accounting is today?”

Here’s the go-to gift for the day you walk into work and remember the baby shower at break this afternoon. Head to Walgreens – there has to be one within a few blocks of your office – and pick up a Babies R Us gift card from the kiosk along with a box of these Zach&Chloe socks. The socks come in in Mary Jane, high-top, and ballerina styles and are only $4.99 for a two-pair box.

Tape your gift card to the box and your last-minute gift looks as thoughtful as the one you would have bought, had you remembered. (Tell your husband about this so he can easily handle his own office baby showers instead of calling you in a panic.)

Baby on a Plane –

If you’re flying with your young baby, the Baby B’Air (get it?) is an FAA-approved vest that loops around your safety belt. You can fly with baby securely on your lap but with enough slack for feeding and diapering. No worries about baby falling, either. (Note: Talk of Alabama hosts Maggie and Nicole mentioned that American Airlines is now offering a free glass of wine or beer on international flights. With this vest for baby, you might actually have your hands free to take a sip. And if you’re flying internationally with a baby, you’ll need one.) $34.95

Diaper Bag/Baby Carrier Mash-up

Tote baby, baby’s stuff, and have the use of your arms with the Sidekick baby bag. Tucked in the flap is a strap and sling that lets you carry baby and still access the contents of the diaper bag. Here’s a design for the occasions when you don’t want to bother with a stroller or need to keep ahold of another sibling. You can old your three-year-old by the hand or pick through the fresh vegetables at Pepper Place Market, all while having baby and bottles at your side.

Emily’s Diaper Cream

This product was developed by a dad and acupuncturist whose daughter, Emily, had sensitive skin and exzema.  Frangrance-free, emily’s diaper cream contains only four herbs, sunflower oil, and beeswax. I have to say it feels great and would work well as a salve for mama’s skin as well.

What a Feeling –  leg warmers for babies

Having lived through Flashdance and legwarmers the first go-around, I can admit they weren’t a logical accessory choice for the non-dancer. But anything is adorable on a baby, and these would be a practical solution for an early Easter when your baby is going to be wearing a beautiful but thin smocked gown (oh, she WILL wear it) and will just kick off the blankets on her baby carrier. Get her to church or to picture posing time, then whip off the leg warmers. Voila, her chubby legs and sassy ruffled bloomers are shown to full advantage.

Peekaroo  Hoodie

This is a highly specilalized piece of clothing, but an elegant solution to keeping you and baby warm. This is a hoodie for mom that fits over a baby carrier, so you and lil’ bit can go to big brother’s soccer game and not mind the nippy weather. Baby’s head sticks out of a little turtle neck style opening, and your hands are free to cheer wildly.

Full Disclosure: The baby items listed below were provided by the manufacturers. They are being donated to a silent auction benefitting community programs in Birmingham.