Best White (no-iron) Blouse

No list of wardrobe must-haves is complete without a basic white blouse, perhaps even several. (With one linear foot of closet space for white shirts of all sorts, I can vouch that it’s all about the collar/neckline and cuffs.) With a suit, a white blouse is a no-brainer, but it’s just as versatile for slacks, skirts, jeans and sweaters.

Occasionally you buy something and love it so much you wish you’d bought it in every color. This is the shirt to buy over and over in just one color: White. It’s the  Jones New  York No-Iron Blouse, and the best part is that it REALLY IS a no-iron blouse.

It’s an investment (retails for about $74 in department stores, prior to any discount) but consider what it’s worth to pull it out of the dryer “crisp,”  put in on and walk out the door. Wrangle kids or groceries – or both – heels or flats, ballgames or board rooms, and this shirt holds up.

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  • avadee

    Yes…this shirt is it. I was so thrilled to find my first one (white, of course) at Belk on a sale day. They also come in light blue and pink (standard business fare) — and they’ve added some brighter solid colors, as you’ll see at the bottom of the link provided above in the post.. Also note that the french cuffs are optional, and they come in plus sizes, too. Even at full price, this is a true Find. Get one and love it.