Brighter New Year?

I received an email last December wishing me a “Merry Christmas and a Brighter New Year” and I couldn’t miss the obvious implication that 2011 had been crummy. I think a lot of us have been ready to kiss 2011 goodbye and good riddance.

There’s no need to go over the highlight (lowlight?) reel. Unemployment. Non-governing government. Natural disasters. It’s been an unforgettable year that we can only wish to forget.

Hard to believe that a few short years ago we moved to having property taxes reassessed annually to keep up with rapidly rising property values. Whoa. How many homes do you drive past that are on the market in distress or bank-owned? And a lot of folks who are finally back working have diminished their savings or taken on debt due to extended unemployment, so they aren’t even starting where they left off but, rather, behind where they already were. The national obsession has gone from flipping property to extreme couponing.

The only thing I can take from this is that Things Change, just as our elders have tried to tell us. Prosperity and want seem to follow each other in sequence. Thus, perhaps we can indeed hope for a brighter year. We can only go up, right?