Find: Coupon File for Non-Extreme Couponers

File cascades for a full view of each category

If you coupon but aren’t extreme enough to have the 5-inch binder and a spreadsheet to track all your deals, check out this coupon file. To see it in the store, you’d think it’s like all the other accordion file coupon holders, but look closely: the files cascade so you can see all your categories at once.

Flipping through coupon holders is one of the time wasters and frustrations of couponing in the first place. Who else has opened a stuffed accordion folder and had coupons pop out all over the place? This file helps you stick to the aisle you’re in, not pass over every other section as you move toward the back of the folder. Plus, it’s not inclined to fan out from the spine as it gets filled.

Notice that the holder attaches to the cart handle and is color coded, a bonus for those of us who need visual cues. It collapses back into a wallet-size, manageable folder that can stay in your purse or car in between shopping trips. (Note here: I have found that keeping the coupon folder in the car ensures that I will have it whenever I stop for groceriesr an errand. I clip on Sunday and file them then.)

This coupon holder is just under $6 at Staples, but watch for promotions. There are also full-size versions that can be expanded and hung on the wall, then collapsed back down to regular size for carrying. Here’s a solution for moms who need to organize coupons in a method that is highly visual and easy to maintain and use.

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  • Sherrie Pippin

    This is what I use. Just can’t bring myself to carry around a binder ;-)

  • Tina

    I’m with you, Sherrie. I have seen people with binders that could pass for operations manuals in a giant corporation. Besides, that real estate at the front of the cart is precious. You can’t toss some things just anywhere in the buggy!