Meet New January, Same as Old January

Storage bins, exercise equipment, calendars, here we go again. THIS YEAR we will accomplish the things we haven’t had the will to do ever before in our lives. Tomorrow is, to paraphrase our dear Scarlet, another year.

Well, this year I’m taking a more mellow approach. I’m curling up under blankets, I don’t care how muggy it gets in Alabama. I’m making soups and tending the 21st century woman’s hearth, i.e., the crock pot. I’m loading the Netflix queue and insisting that we all settle down for this brief moment after spending the last few months having to get someone to someplace practically every evening.

Most family time these days is spent go-go-going and it’s exhausting but exhilarating. Visiting a nursing home over the holidays, I was reminded of the vitality that kids bring to a household. The absence of that vitality is conspicuous, even sad. So let’s take a moment to be still and quiet, knowing that we are about to resume the pulse of a family in perpetual motion, and just resolve to be together, no new equipment of storage bins required.