Best Baskets in Birmingham found at Sojourns

Baskets of all shapes and sizes are required to hide, contain, organize and disguise the ever expanding collection of toys and games in our home.   It seems that I can solve most ‘clutter problems’ with a basket.  While baskets can be purchased conveniently at Target and Wal-Mart, the baskets on sale at Sojourns are a step above the competition and you will feel good about your purchase.

Sojourns is a lovely store in downtown Birmingham that carries products made by artisans throughout the world.  Most importantly, the products are purchased according to fair trade standards meaning that crafters, often women in 3rd World countries, are paid a fair wage for their talent.  This type of policy has become more widely known in the coffee trade and Sojourns carries fair trade coffee (they were among the first).

Reasons to choose this basket:

  • Variety of Sizes – the baskets come in a wide range of sizes and shapes (round, square, big and small) making it easy to coordinate throughout a room or home
  • Reasonable price – the large basket (appropriate for large games, toys) including the top retails for $30.00 while the smaller baskets (perfect for a shelf or closet) retail for about $6.00.
  • Design – the pattern and color of the straw is so neutral that the baskets can go anywhere
  • Feel good – Baskets are constructed by women in Bangladesh who are ensured an equal wage, safe working environment and health care.

I’ve purchased these baskets for two years. They’ve transformed my linen closet as well as my daughter’s room.  Yet, my favorite quality is that they connect my home to a woman’s home in Bangladesh reminding me of the shared experience of motherhood and women throughout the world.