Find: Flip Waffle Maker, A Kitchen Appliance You Could Actually Use

Easy breakfast for a crowd

Flip-style waffle makers used to be reason enought to stay at a Hampton Inn and enjoy the breakfast. They’ve solved the problem of getting the top of the waffle equally browned and are amazingly easy to use. Now these waffle makers are everywhere, and you can have one at home for less than 30 bucks.

Here’s why you could use a waffle maker, especially with tween kids:

Taste – Belgian style waffles make the frozen, boxed variety taste like corrugated cardboard. Belgian waffles are an $8 and above entree at any breakfast restaurant, and you can have them anytime with exactly the same level of quality. The waffle appliance was been the only thing separating home cook waffles from hotel chef waffles. That and the white hat. 

Mix friendly – Mixes deliver consistent results and there are available in an abundance of choices. While regular biscuit or pancake mixes work fine with additions like egg and oil, choose a waffle mix and you’ll only need water. You can try whole grain and flavored varieties (Target’s are excellent), many of which are delicious without any additonal topping.

They freeze well – it’s more efficient to make a large batch of waffles than a small one. Use the whole box of mix and freeze the extra waffles, which reheat beautifully in the toaster oven. You may have to heat them a bit longer than the mass market frozen variety, but they are economical and easy to store in the freezer in fourths (see below).

Out of hand – Break them into fourths and toss them into a basket. The kids can grab them and dip in syrup or fruit compote to eat without utensils, which we all know is the preference of both children and monkeys. Toss in a few blueberries or use a flavored mix and you can reheat them in the toaster for an out-of-hand (no topping needed) breakfast in the car, great with your coffee on the morning drive.

Extended family breakfast or kids’ slumber party – Waffles are an instant hit and a waffle bar is one of the easiest breakfasts to manage. Have assorted syrups, whipped cream, fruit and pre-cooked sausage to warm, and your guests will prefer your Local House of Waffles to the International House of Pancakes. Your waffles will be epic for the folks who don’t have Belgian waffle makers at home.

It’s unlikely that you’ll make waffles every week or even every month, but on the occasions when you do make them, your little appliance will more than earn its keep in your cabinets.