Find: Grisham Thriller for Kids

Surely you remember the first thrill of reading a John Grisham novel even before Denzel and Julia or the perpetually running Tom Cruise brought the stories to the big screen.

Grisham’s adventures involve law school students or new attorneys up against the establishment, whether that is the insurance company, the corrupt government official, or the powerful Firm itself. Now he has begun a series of books surrounding the character Theodore Boone, an intrepid 13 year old kid with a penchant for adventure and justice, with the ultimate kid advantage of being underestimated.

Theo gets to experience all the suspense and the close calls of Grisham’s typical lawyer protagonists, only without the pressure of law school loans. He’s the only child of busy lawyer parents, and his companion is his dog, Judge. Unlike grown-up novels, characters in Theo’s world don’t seduce or use the coarse language that realistic adult stories demand, but they’re no less colorful or entertaining.

Introduce your tween/teen reader to the satisfaction of a thrilling page-turner. Grisham is such a prolific author, there are bound to be more in the series (beginning with Kid Lawyer and The Abduction). The truth is, you could enjoy Theo’s quests just as much as your kid, especially if you fondly remember your younger days chasing Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.