Find: Martha’s got an Easy Button?

Doesn't it just make you want to sit down and start labeling?

What do Martha Stewart and and Easy Button have in common? Staples, the office supply store with the tag line, “That was easy.” Ironic, no?

You must beware of the vortex where the Martha/Staples forces collide to create the most dangerous aisle in the store, the Martha’s Home Office collection with Avery. Warning: This stuff is an aesthetically-minded organizer’s crack.

The thing about Martha’s products is that they are always beautiful and seductive. To look at these, you’d believe you are just one binder away from a life of tick-tocking, open shelved, shiny stainless steel perfection. You’ll envision yourself as a stacking, decanting fool who wouldn’t recognize elbow macaroni without a clearly marked label.

Maybe it takes Martha to bring awareness to a manufacturer like Avery. Why does it take so long to figure out that we like pretty things? We were weary of manilla folders and square yellow sticky notes long ago. The disjointed day-glo colors aren’t much better. But Martha invites us to dive in to a modular, perfectly coordinated world:

Die-cut sticky notes, tabs and labels – quatrefoil shapes and decorative edges in contast to the usual square, hard edges

Removable dry-erase decals for grocery lists and calendars (that non-magnetic stainless steel fridge just isn’t homey without something stuck to it)

No-iron clothing labels – at last! Labels that stick but can be removed before consigning or handing down clothing

Adhesive brass or stainless steel label plates

Minimalist styles along with coordinating prints – rich but never busy

Colors like Martha’s blue (ahem, Tiffany…), poppy red, pear green, soft lilac

Although many single items are standouts, it’s the idea of using them together that is the real appeal. Imagine the planning and journaling that could go on with such power products! Your calendar could be more beautiful than a scrapbook.

Be warned, you can spend a fortune just organizing 50-cent items like paper and binder clips, pencils and rubber bands. Don’t overspend for items that aren’t distinctive or worth a premium – a pack of four chalk sticks is $3.99, for heaven’t sake! But if you love shagreen and want a little touch of the order that appears to be Martha’s world, you can indeed have it.