Gluten Free Living Event Feb. 24 and 25, 2012

Many a mom has griped about how her kid is a picky eater, but imagine how difficult it is when your child has to be particular due to issues of food intolerance or celiac disease. On the one hand, it’s a relief to know how a diet can ease his or her symptoms; on the other hand, how do you even manage their diet when typical foods contain ingredients that are troublesome.

A Gluten Free Living Expo with the theme of “Happy Tummies. Healthy Families.” is taking place February 25th at the Jefferson State Culinary Arts and Hospitality Institute in Hoover. Besides a Vendor Fair, there will be Gluten Free seminars and Cooking Demonstrations to illustrate how you can manage your family’s food tolerances through dietary choices and food preparation.

Chef Sean Butler of Food Studio B will be one of the demonstrators, and Chef Sean happens to specializes in food preparation according to medical restrictions (as well as calorie restricted meals, for those of you who want your food fresh, organic and locally prepared).