Margaritas for Mom at Taco Mama

View from Sidewalk

Taco Mama recently opened its doors in Crestline Village of Mountain Brook and I finally found an evening to ‘test’ the mom-factor (since its in the name) with my kids.

First, for readers who are not Mountain Brook residents or feel the area unfamiliar, please keep reading.  Like Hoover, Trussville, Homewood and Downtown, Crestline Village of Mountain Brook is worth a visit. The area boasts one of the best toy stores in town (Snoozy’s), shopping for Mom (The Pants Store), an exceptional library with amazing events (Emmet O’Neal) and one of Birmingham’s best shops for baby (Once Upon A Time) — all within walking distance.

Restaurant Review:

Taco Mama is a taco and burrito bar where patrons can ‘build their own’ dish or choose from a list of specialty burritos/tacos. It’s known for fresh, high quality food with a neighborhood atmosphere.  But, we wonder… did they put the ‘Mama’ in Taco Mama?

Atmosphere: Earns our top ranking.  The space was retro-fitted to

Kids love the wooden triangle used for ordering

incorporate large rolling doors (think garage door) allowing for the entire front of the restaurant to open on to the sidewalk. Mom-factor – great for girls night out, not so great for chasing children under 4 yrs.

Food: The food we received was really fresh and had a great taste distinct from other mexican restaurants in Birmingham.  However, it was not what I expected so ask for clarification when ordering.  I ordered a veggie mix burrito bowl with rice, black beans and a delicious cilantro-lime vinaigrette (a great vegetarian dish) but the only vegetable in the dish was a grilled onion.

For the kids, I ordered the kids nachos and asked if a little beef could be added.   Be careful.   We received two, enormous adult nacho dishes with the pulled, roast beef on top.   For the record, my kids really enjoyed the flavor of the meat.   Mom-factor – if you have picky eaters, be clear with their order.

Price: Less than $5 – $10 for each dish — reasonable given the fresh, high quality food served but it won’t make the list of family meal deals.  Dinner for one adult and two children with water was $27.

Logistics: The restaurant is hard to navigate with kids without a second adult.  Patrons wait in line to order and the line stretches in front of the drink machines.   With a second adult, you’d grab a table and one would wait in line.

Birmingham Mom Recommendation: Enjoy Taco Mama during lunch with your best mom-friend, grab a margarita, do a little shopping and talking.  No need to worry with picky eaters, waiting with kids to order and the risk of wide open doors  when it’s perfect for YOU!

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