Miss Representation- And This Ain’t a Beauty Pageant

Amazing stats from Miss Representation film

Concern with how women are portrayed in the media is nothing new. What is new is the explosion in media forms available now, with kids consuming media an average of over 10 hours per day. Our kids can’t avoid exposure to popular images and lyrics. How will our daughters imagine themselves as future leaders when there are so few role models to inspire them?

Documentary film Miss Representation, screened in Birmingham in February, explores the need to teach our kids how to view media critically. This is especially important given the limiting stereotypes of both women and men. Several accomplished women, including Condelezza Rice (Holla from your old hometown, Condi!), Katie Couric, and Geena Davis offer their perspectives.


  • Most movies revolve around men’s lives, but even “chick flicks” revolve around a man’s life – the one the female character woos.
  • Animated female characters in rated “G” movies are as likely to be wearing revealing clothing as female characters in a rated ”R” movies (Ariele, you and that clam shell bra…)
  • Even the “powerful” female action heroes such as Catwoman, Lara Croft, etc. are still male fantasies. (One Ph.D. commentor described them in the film as “fighting %$&* toys”) 
  • Women in actual positions of power are constantly criticized for their appearance. (Has anyone else noticed that the men who comment on these women are often trolls themselves?)

The lingering question is whether the media creates these images and force them on us or whether we expect/demand these images from our media. Miss Representation maintains the former. What’s a thinking woman or man to do?

Miss Representation has several suggestions, from expressing our concerns as individual consumers to prepared media literacy curricula for almost all ages. Check out the website for some disturbing facts as well as additional resources that will make you take notice of all the images and assumptions we can’t seem to escape.

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