House of Hoops Opens at Galleria

Another spot for your son to shop (besides Game Stop)

The long-awaited Footlocker House of Hoops opens this week at the Galleria, just in time for March Madness. Look for it on the first floor, a few doors down from the restyled  JC Penney.

Eventhough Birmingham is more of a football town, it’s fun to acknowledge a sport like basketball that almost anyone can pick up and play. Basketball doesn’t require full gear and pads or a summer of workouts and conditioning; it’s a driveway pastime as much as a professional sport. A couple of years ago some Hoover teens even enjoyed national attention with their basketball long shots.

You’ve gotta admit we lost some of the fun  at the Galleria when Just for Feet closed near the food court (remember the plaster man running through the plate glass window?) So welcome, House of Hoops, and here’s to the next Charles Barkley or Latrell Sprewell in our midst. Wonder if their mamas are crazy enough to buy them special socks.