Latest Tween/Teen Status Apparel: Elite Socks

Now it's the socks, not just the shoes.

The in-demand clothing item for tween and high school kids right now is SOCKS. Today’s kid is begging for Nike Elite socks, which are probably great athletic socks, but worth $14 a pair? That’s debatable.

True, I can buy a bag of six or maybe 12 perfectly acceptable socks for that price, but that wouldn’t be the same. They wouldn’t have the contrasting stripe that goes up the back and apparently signifies hipness and the ability to be an all-around boss on the court/schoolyard/wherever.

Now, I would never spend almost fifteen bucks on a pair of socks. But my son has been Jonesing for these, and in asking another mom where she found her son’s Elite socks, she shared that her son and daughter fought over these socks. Her son “never takes care of anything,” but his Elites are different. He ”safety pins them together so that they come out of the wash and he can put them right back on.” The daughter guards her Elites the same way.

Boy moms, aren’t you agasp at the thought of your son taking the effort to safety pin a pair of socks? Is anyone else living through a constant sock invasion, finding single socks all over the place: under beds, behind sofa cushions, in the yard? In my experience – despite deliberately buying black or white socks in volume and so they can be matched indiscriminately – socks turn up all over the house. We might be the new sock capital of the world, taking up where Fort Payne left off.

Although Elite socks are stocked at big-box athletic stores, good luck finding basic black or white IN stock. After inquiring and searching, we found them at Foot Locker (Kid’s Foot Locker carries shoes and socks up to size 7 and they also had the Elite socks). Of course, the Elite socks were excepted from the buy-one, get another at 1/2 price sale that was heavily promoted.

As I said, I would never pay $14 for a single pair of athletic socks, but my kid is much freer with his allowance and birthday money. Now the problem isn’t finding the precious Elite socks everywhere, but making sure they get taken off and washed in the first place.

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  • Ash

    Well, I have two pairs and they are the most comfortable socks I have. I LOVE THEM! They are also very stylish at my school. Nike might have found perfection.

  • Urmom

    kool cat