Bargain Bash, Mash-Up of Socializing and Saving

There are three – no, four- categories of people who will be at the Junior League of Birmingham’s Bargain Carousel Bargain Bash:

  1. Those who are there to snag good bargains.
  2. Those who are there to see what fashionably cute shoes the ladies of Birmingham are wearing.
  3. Those who are wearing fashionably cute shoes but wish they had dressed for snagging serious bargains.*
  4. Spouses, boyfriends, etc. who came along for the promise of abundant food and beverages.

Whichever category you fit, this is a seriously fun annual event taking place Thursday, April 26th at the former Mazer’s superstore on Greensprings (a moment of silence for Mazer’s). Food is included in your ticket price and you get to browse items before the sale opens to the general public. You pay double the sticker price, but you’re still getting great deals. Proceeds benefit the many community projects of the Junior League of Birmingham.

Also, one of our favorite Birmingham Moms, professional organizer Amanda LeBlanc (of Style Network show The Amandas) is going to be meeting and greeting at Bargain Bash from 6 until 8 p.m. Can she save us from buying more junk, or at least help us organize what we have?

If you love watching people, this group is the most fun. They are talking casually while trying to hide their adrenaline surge (are those interlined, custom linen curtains for $75? You couldn’t buy the fabric for that!) These shoppers are fighting a primal instinct to skip the courtesy, sprint past you down and go grab their prize bargain…

  • ArtBLT

    We cannot wait for the event! Going to be a lot of fun. And for a great cause! We’ll have a giveaway for Bargain Carousel tickets on our site tomorrow, so please tell your readers.u00a0