Find: Double Walled Beverage Dispenser

The complaint I’ve had about those lovely spitoged beverage dispensers is that they are sold in two pieces, requiring you to purchase the stand separately from the dispenser (and requiring a $40 or so total investment). You really have to have the stand to enjoy the benefit of having a spigot dispenser; if you’re just going to set the dispenser on the corner of the table, you may as well stick to your old bright orange Igloo cooler.

This three gallon dispenser from Wal-Mart passes the test for utility, looks and price. It’s plastic, so it’s safer to use outdoors or with rambunctious kids. It’s double-walled, so it retains its temperature better than a glass or ceramic dispenser would. And the stand, which comes included, nests with the dispenser itself, so no extra room required for storage. It’s only $19.00 at Wal-Mart.

Like similarly constructed tumblers, you could add a monogram decal to personalize it, but it’s simple and attractive either way. This one has performed beautifully containing lemonade at a cul-de-sac Easter egg hunt and a few kid parties. The spigot itself is plastic, which is unfortunate, but so are those of all the others on the market. Without a doubt, it is more attractive than the orange Igloo. And at the beach house or tailgate it will work nicely for other fruity beverages.

* There is also a nice model from Target, online only. It is $24 with space for ice in the stand.