Find: Soy-Based Fragrant Candles, Hand Poured in Birmingham (Well Priced!)

Find your signature home fragrance at a local source for hand poured, custom blended soy candles at a fraction of the price of national brand and boutique candles.

Diane is a Birmingham mom who practices the art of candle making in a small workshop at Yucatan Trading in Cahaba Heights (the store beyond the Summit filled with imported pots and ironwork). She offers over 30 fragrances in her candles and is always working on new concoctions. Dozens are stocked, boxed and ready to go for $11.95 each.

Diane adds the maximum amount of fragrance that will allow optimal performance so that candles burn evenly. Among the best sellers are “Olive Branch” and “R  ,” both of which are divine. But there are others, too, like “Alabama Kudzu,” “Pure Seduction,” and “Butt Naked” (don’t those last two conjure totally opposite moods?).

Bring in your empty container to receive 20% off a replacement candle in any fragrance (stick with your favorite fragrance or keep trying new ones).

How about all the interesting one-of-a-kind vessels such as pretty cachepots or teacups that you’d like to see in use again (more likely, these are what’s left after matching pieces have been broken)? Diane of Yucatan will fill your own empty container with any of her fabulous soy-based waxes. Drop off your container and she’ll have it ready for you in a few days.

The ability to have your own container filled is perhaps best of all. Imagine the possibilities for sentimental gifts or party favors. Surely you’ve received a gift candle in a pretty container and then hated to see it burn down to an empty glass. Now you can have that container back in service in the fragrance of your choice.

With summer on the way, check out Diane’s citronella candles. You do not have to settle for bright yellow candles in galvanized tubs! Have Diane fill a small piece of pottery that will match the rest of your patio decor.

As word gets out, decorators and specialty shop owners will be all over these candles. Discover them for yourself.