Find: Thin, Lightweight Beach Towel and Tote for Mom

How sharp is this microfiber beach towel with matching tote?

As more of a beach dipper than a serious swimmer, a wet beach towel is like the coach’s Gatorade bath after the big game. Everything after that is downhill; when my towel gets soggy, all I want to do is get dry. Besides, a towel must quadruple its weight once it’s wet.

No sooner had I posted the merits of thin beach towels for kids than I came across this super-chic beach towel for mom at The Blue Willow in Cahaba Heights.

It’s made out of the same absorbent, quick-drying polyester blend used in athletic performance wear. The fabric has a soft, chamois-like texture but is as thin as a sheet, hence no soggy beach towel to slug around along with everything else we have to carry. For you infomercial fans, it’s like the Sham-Wow of your beach bag.

Speaking of beach bags, how about this matching chevron stripe or the coordinating black vinyl (bottom right corner), cute enough to pass for a black patent accessory? The beach totes are insulated, so toss in a cold pack and you are ready to bury that pedicure in the sand.

You can see that the towel is large enough to drape over a beach chair, yet it packs up into the space of a scarf. That leaves room for the juice boxes, water bottles, Goldfish crackers, sunscreen and trashy novel we have to tote.

The towels are $21.95 and can be monogrammed for an additional $10. The tote is $19.95.

We say this is a perfect Mother’s Day or summer birthday gift, since it’s both practical and indulgent. Dad, keep your favorite faded Corona beach towel. Kids, don’t just stand there dripping, grab your Mickey Mouse towel. Mom has her own, and she’s still smiling because hers is nice and dry.