Laundry Soap Favored by Ballpark Moms

Garth Brooks sang about a guy whose neck was “red as Alabama clay” but I’m guessing he’d have found the topic less poetic if he’d ever had to remove those clay stains. This ubiquitous clay is in all almost all our back yards and playgrounds, and any kid who has jumped out of a swing has the red marks on his knees to show for it.

Who knows more about dealing with these stains than the moms at the ballpark? They wince as their kid slides into home plate and silently curse the man (it had to be a man) who decided white pants would make for a sharp-looking baseball uniform. Other things being equal, most moms would prefer their kids be drafted for a gray-pants team.

Laura, a BirminghamMom whose son and daughter have played ball many seasons, shares her tip for laundering stubborn clay as well as any other tough stain: Fels-Naptha heavy duty laundry soap.

This soap removes all sorts of stains, including food, grease, and even blood. Your grandmother probably used it; it’s been around over 100 years! Apparently it’s environmentally friendly as well. Just wet the stained area, work the soap into the fabric, and wash as usual.

I’m told the only outlet in town that carries Fels-Naptha soap is Publix. It’s on the top shelf next to other laundry items and is an unbelievable 99 cents. Apparently a single bar of this wonder soap can last your entire child-rearing epoch and yet it costs less than a soda in the check-out aisle.

Thanks for sharing the find, Laura. With this soap, the Cardinals’ uniforms can still look respectable by the time it’s team photo day.

  • Cosatto

    I wanna buy this soap soon, because lots of my t-shirts have stains and grease. I can remove all those stuffs with this soap.