Irontribes and Crossfit Fanatics

There’s a buff, toned group of people out there that rise before daybreak to meet with other like-minded people and complete a full workout before the rest of us have hit the snooze button. They inspire or annoy me; I can’t decide which.

These folks leave their workouts bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on a day that hasn’t yet penetrated our consciousness, and they pay good money for the privilege. One Crossfit friend of mine doesn’t retire each evening until she has logged in to see tomorrow’s pre-dawn ”Workout of the Day” so she can sincerely anticipate – not dread – the exercise that, after all, can’t be more than a few hours away. I used to be uncomfortable when she spoke of “snatching,” but I have since learned it is a term for an Olympic weightlifting move. Apparently there is an Olympian deep inside all of us that is just waiting to get out.

Another friend on a different group exercise program helpfully shared that there are buckets set out at each station of her workout. I could surmise that these buckets aren’t for collecting candy wrappers. Is it a mark of pride or shame to toss your cookies into a bucket in front of the whole group?

Just the other day I was listening to how her group ”sleeps in” on Saturdays and begin workouts at 8:30 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. I quickly realized this meant she was working out SIX DAYS A WEEK. Was I the only one wondering, “But what about Saturday morning pancakes?”

What’s my beef (pun-intended)? Is it that these ladies can run around in yoga pants without a hint of jiggle, or because I suspect they wear compression pants a little more often than is strictly necessary? Again, I can’t decide which.

I will say this: If you can wake up and keep up with these people, you deserve to wear whatever you want while the rest of us lazy pancake eaters snooze.