Phoenix Festival’s Big Bang in Alabama

If Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj* were in Alabama this weekend, you can be sure they would be at the Alabama Phoenix Festival at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center on highway 280.

This is a regional event where fans of science fiction, comic books, games and so forth gather to celebrate their interests for 48 hours straight, from Friday until Sunday at 5 p.m. The stated goal of the event is to illustrate”how science fiction, fantasy, and other genre across the multi-media of today lead to new ideas and advancements of tomorrow, while entertaining and inspiring at the same time.” The rest of us know this is just a great excuse for Trekkies and middle earth fans to hang out together.

The festival is open to all ages and will have special guests, a LEGO Expo, and galleries for art, literature, comics and gaming. Kids under 10 are free with an adult’s paid admission, which is $20 for the day, more for a weekend pass.  Bazinga!

*Characters from Big Bang Theory. The show is a fun comedy for grown-ups, and you don’t have to be a true nerd to appreciate the humor.