Find: Fun Outdoor Entertaining Products

Check out some of these fun products for outdoor entertaining:

All sorts of products for outdoor entertaining

Sizzle-Q: With temps reaching into the 90′s, it’s time to start strategizing how to avoid heating up the house. The Sizzle-Q is a heavy-duty griddle that sits on your grill and lets you cook things you would otherwise have to heat on the stovetop such as quesadilla, stir-fry, Philly cheesesteaks, etc. You can use it for a breakfast of pancakes and eggs and actually enjoy your patio before the wilting daytime heat. It’s so sturdy you could just leave it beneath the cover on the grill and wipe it down before and after use. Find these at Sam’s.

Drink-n-plate: How many times have you toddled around with your paper plate in one hand, drink in the other, searching for a perch? This little plastic holder lets you hold your plate and your drink with one hand, thus leaving the other hand free to actually get the food to your mouth. They’re less than three bucks each (depending on volume) and come in all sorts of colors. Use them for back yard parties and tailgates.

ThermaCell bug lantern: It’s a lantern AND a bug repellent, but let’s pause to appreciate that it LOOKS GOOD. Finally, someone designed a practical product that doesn’t look like it belongs in an old fish camp. Set this out and no one will guess that you’re also keeping mosquitos, flies, and no-see-ums away. At Wal-Mart.

Rolf glassware: This American glass company doesn’t claim to have been inspired by Alabama’s waterways when they created this dragonfly design, but these do inspire me to think of water skiing, pontoon boats, docks and TVA dams. They’re as suited to our tables as camellias and gulf shrimp. At larger department stores.

Placetiles: Nothing says you’ve considered every detail like a place card, only these tiles can stand in over and over again. Use a dry-erase marker and you can practice until your calligraphy is just so. I especially like the idea of having them on the buffet next to each dish, just like a hotel buffet. At Mongorams Plus in Vestavia.