Find: Vacation Shoes Made for Walking

Privo Shoes – "Meridian"

When you’re traveling, there’s an inherent conflict between being a fashionable traveler and a tacky tourist, and that conflict is comfort. On the one hand, your travels will be immortalized in photos on Facebook. On the other, you can’t Eat, Pray, Love your way around the world when your feet are killing you.

These Privo shoes are a perfect compromise between comfort and passably cute. The slip-on style works with shorts as well as breezy dresses, which are often the coolest thing to wear for city strolls. They have a fine mesh fabric top that breathes and dries quickly, unlike socks and athletic shoes (sudden downpour = doomed to prune feet).  They are lightweight and easy to slip in and out of at airport security.

I discovered these in DSW as another shopper and I were circling the same types of shoes. We began discussing which size we were hunting and discovered we both needed vacation shoes. She was looking for another pair like the ones she had, similar to the Privo style pictured. She had worn hers on vacations for two summers and liked them so much she was wearing them for everything else.

You don’t often find a testimonial like that, so I was thrilled when we found this style in stock. She bought herself a pair, I bought a pair, and another lady who overheard us came around the aisle to try some on for herself. We formed a brigade and went to the checkout.

The shoes were as good as promised, having now covered all the sidewalks in Texas (not really, of course, but it sure seems like it). They are around $80, so not cheap, but worth every penny for all the times you won’t look pained and exhausted in your vacation photos.