Mom’s Idea of Vacation Rental Charm: Empty Space

This most refreshing view on vacation

There’s something unseen in the rental photos but every bit as appealing as features like proximity to a beach, mountain views, or resort amenities. It’s the clean, start-fresh feeling of walking into OPEN space.

There’s no stuff, none of the flotsam and jetsam that has stacked up at home, none of the barnacles that have somehow grown on our own tabletops and counters. The lint filter in the dryer is clear and the cabinet doors all shut with the satisfying thud of emptiness. Even the most disciplined, clutter-busting mom can appreciate the unspoiled space of vacant shelves.

There’s something uniquely exhilarating about walking into a place that has only what you need and nothing more. When you don’t have the baggage of homekeeping, you can breathe in all the possibility. Just think about it:

Free as a bird, with no lint in the dryer

No expired condiments.

All towels clean. CLEAN! All of them!

No outgrown/off season clothes in a plastic bin.

Empty sink. Empty dishwasher.

No basement, attic, overstuffed drawer or linen closet.

No answering machine.

No mail.

This precious moment, this sensation of NOTHING PENDING, this feeling that everything in your immediate world is DONE – this was worth the price. That ocean view, with the sound of waves breaking against the powder white sand? That is just a bonus.

Face it, you haven’t felt this free since you moved into your house. Well, not really, since you walked in with a list of DIY projects and upgrades that…come to think of it…still aren’t done. But who cares? Let’s just enjoy the vacate in vacation.