5 Cleaning Products to Avoid

Today, I opened up the newsletter from Two Maids and a Mop and read the following list of cleaning products that contain cancer-causing carcinogens.  To my horror, one of the items on the list is sitting on my kitchen sink!

And, while we are talking about chemicals you should know that there is legislation waiting for a vote in the US Senate right now. The Safe Chemicals Act would make our lives so much easier when trying to provide healthy products to our families.  You must let Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions (our senators) know that you support this bill.  Your calls and emails can make a difference – just say “I want you to know that I support the Safe Chemicals Act”.  It’s a tough fight with the chemical companies on the other side but your opinion matters.  Here is a good article summarizing the issue on CNN.

Tide & Cheer Laundry Detergents. These are the two most popular detergents used to wash clothing. Unfortunately, both contain trisodium nitrilotriacetate, a known carcinogen. A great replacement is any detergent that does not contain either bleach or phosphates. Most detergents that are branded as “natural” fit the bill as a replacement.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray. This smells great and it certainly eliminates odors. But…it contains orthophenylphenol, a suspected carcinogen. A great and more cost effective remedy is to simply place a bowl of vinegar in any room that requires both disinfection and odor removal.

Dove Soap. It’s 99% water, but watch out for the other 1%. It includes quaternium and formaldehyde, both known carcinogens. It’s difficult to find natural soaps inside grocery stores or even pharmacies. But you can find many alternatives online. The key is the scent. The scent from any soap is derived from formaldehyde so search for scent free soaps.

Ajax & Comet. These cleaning products have been around for more than 75 years and both are still very popular for folks who need to conduct some tough scrubbing. It certainly works but it also comes with a price. It contain crystalline silica, a known carcinogen. In fact, you probably can feel some discomfort in your lungs and your on your skin after using them, right? A great replacement is baking soda. It can be used in a variety of ways and it’s cost effective as well.

Dawn Dishwashing Soap. This is a very popular cleaner but it contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. By itself, Dawn is perfectly fine but a nasty chemical reaction occurs when mixed with water. Again, the formaldehyde is used for odor purposes mostly so the best alternative is to purchase unscented detergents.