Find: Cute Team or Birthday Party Table Set-Up

Cafeteria Party/Team Table

Here’s a great layout for a birthday or team spirit table, with credit to Birmingham Mom Mylenda, who hooked up her daughter’s team with one of the more impressive tables at her daughter’s volleyball tournament.* We’re all looking for fun ideas on Pinterest, but it’s even more fun to see something carried out successfully.

Helium balloons are the standard decoration for adding height and interest to a table, but there are three problems:

1. Helium shortage means fewer outlets to purchase balloons (no local Dollar Tree stores have helium)

2. Somebody has to go out early the day of the event and get to the store to buy balloons. Would that be you? Not if you can help it.

3. The balloons have to be transported to the event, and helium balloons are more unwieldy than a toddler who’s slipped his car seat.

Instead, Mylenda filled regular balloons and attached them with curling ribbon to craft sticks purchased at Michael’s.  She secured the sticks in regular iodized salt cartons (just poked a hole in the top), then sat each carton inside a white lunch bag. Topped with team colored filler, the presentation was polished and complete.

A carton of table salt is hidden inside

You could color coordinate this in all sorts of ways, and while the initial preparation takes time, the sticks and salt cartons are reusable for other events. The balloons are high enough to stay out of view of those seated at the party table, and the balloons themselves can be disposed of at the venue. Best of all, most of the preparation could be made the day before, unlike helium balloons which always have to be purchased the morning of the event.

When you’re the hostess, it’s enough have to pick up a fresh cake, ice and any other last minute items. This solution allows you to set up for the party well ahead of time so that you can have fun along with the rest of the group.

*And we all know the tournament table is part of the competition, right?