Find: Mr. Pumice, Even Better than No-Name Pumice

There’s still plenty of sandal season left to go but even a regular pedicure can’t stay ahead of the wear these feet are getting (or maybe it’s just more noticeable when we’re wearing open shoes).  I’m always amazed by people who will go out with bad feet – do they not notice before they leave home and get in line at Wal Mart?

The Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar is a cheap, easy solution that your nail salon may already be using. You know how a real pumice bar develops a build-up (even with washing) and softens over time? A small dab of soap and Mr. Pumice foams up but retains its gentle abrasion, drying quickly after a hot water rinse. The Pumi Bar has two sides, coarse and medium, like an emery board. It’s safe for use with anti-bacterial solutions, and it’s only two bucks at Sally’s Beauty Supply. A miniature version is perfect for travel.