Find: Southern Lady’s Bottle Opener

An upgrade from the opener tied to a handle on the cooler

Maybe you can’t shake the training that a lady doesn’t drink straight out of a bottle, but you can at least make opening your bottle (to be decanted into a nice crystal glass or pilsner, of course) a more elegant endeavor.

These “Piece of Cake” bottle openers are too clever, and will almost pass as a serving piece from grandma’s sterling. They’ll certainly look better on the table than most run-of-the-mill bottle openers, which are utilitarian but not much more.

Speaking of utilitarian, the cake server on the right really can serve cake or lemon squares, so you could get some extra use out of it when you’re packing light. And for upgrading your tailgate spread or outdoor entertaining, these are a great touch. Naturally, not everyone will figure out that this is a bottle opener at first, but once they know they’ll enjoy it as as a party gadget.

Find these bottle openers at Anthropologie at the Summit for $16. They’ll add some class to your soiree whether you’re sipping from a glass, a solo cup, or – gasp! – straight from the bottle.