Tearful Moms at the Bus Stop

Wow, such a contrast between the moms who are sending their young ones off to school for the first time and those who have done this before. There are misty eyes in both cases, but one is sentimental and sad and the other is jubilant. One has a box of tissues, the other has a pedicure appointment.

It’s true that starting school is a big milestone for a child and even mom.  We wonder, have we sufficiently prepared them? Will they make friends? And will their new friends be good ones?

Resign yourself to the fact that you will always be waving goodbye at the bus stop. Sources say that after the first day of kindergarten it goes like this:

  • Hard to believe it’s the last year of elementary school. The fridge will be barren without macaroni art.
  • My youngest is in school now; this might be bigger than my next decade birthday.
  • Middle school. If they survive this, they survive anything.
  • Wow, I remember when I started high school. Another driver in the family? Gasoline for another car! Insurance!
  • Am I old enough to have a senior? College tuition has killed my dreams of a remodel.

Ready or not, there they go.