Who’s Your Farmer? Freshfully Wants to Know

During August, Freshfully Market has a fun promotion that gets to the heart of what we don’t know about our food anymore: Who’s Your Farmer? Ask that question in the store this month (or wear a Freshfully T-shirt) and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your food purchase.

Freshfully is a market in Avondale that brings local produce to us yard-bound, brown thumb types. While they’re also an online grocery, you’re missing some of the value (and charm) if you don’t stop in to get some of the excellent suggestions and inspiration from the staff.

Consider the weekly veggie box for $25. This is fresh, seasonal produce grown nearby, so it’s the next best thing to a raised bed at your back door. Most of us hardly know what’s “seasonal” any longer, and while it’s nice to fill a blueberry craving in January, are we missing the difference in taste with peak season produce?

“Who’s Your Farmer?” is your encouragement to get to know Freshfully and get acquainted with the farming community near Birmingham.