Find: Emi Jay Hair Elastics, Trend for Moms and Daughters

Emi Jay hair bands in all sorts of colors

Ponytails are possibly the easiest hair fix ever and reason enough for many women to keep shoulder-length hair. Pulling hair up and out of the way regardless of overdue hair appointment or workout is a small luxury, and savvy coworkers know that hair pulled up late in the day means this is serious, I’m-in-overdrive mode (or simply exhausted).

Emi Jay ponytail holders probably got their big boost on Oprah’s list, and they’re nothing complicated – just a band of elastic fabric tied in a knot. However, they’ve come at the perfect time, when we’re ready for something besides the old black elastic but will NOT wear a scrunchy, ladies’ Olympic gymnastics team aside.

A pair of tween girls developed the hair bands, but it’s women who embraced these as hair accessories serious enough to wear at the office or on errands. They’re usually in the more upscale stores and compared to a tub of elastics, they aren’t exactly cheap. However, they are effective at keeping a grip, not pulling or breaking, and simply being prettier than a roll of elastic.

Gus Mayer at the Summit has a broad selection in its accessory department, with single elastics in almost any color for $3 and a five-pack for $12. There are several varieties, from pastels to subtle shimmers and brights to pales. An Emi Jay headband, also in most any color, is $6. A portion of proceeds from Emi-Jay products goes to philanthropic efforts such as Locks of Love.

It’s only fair to mention that Sephora offers a store-brand packet of similar fabric bands in a combination of neutral colors such as black, navy and brown. Their packet of eight is $8.