Find: Zoe’s Recipe Cards for Quick Fixins

The next time you are lunching at Zoe’s, look for the recipe cards with great ideas on how you can make a Zoe’s pint into a meal or side dish.

Consider Pimento Cheese Biscuits: just add a tub of Zoe’s Pimento Cheese to a biscuit mix side-of-the box recipe. Or the Mediterranean Layer Dip, which is today’s answer to the timeworn Seven Layer Dip. Just top a spread of Zoe’s Hummus with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and olives and serve with Pita chips.

There’s a chicken salad casserole recipe that melts Zoe’s chicken and pasta salads into three more types of cheese for a creamy entree.Realistically, mom is not going to have the discipline to just dump those tubs into a casserole. The better plan is to pick up some tubs and enjoy some of the chicken salad and pasta salad for your lunch, then toss the rest into a casserole for the family that evening. That way, your shortcut dinner can justifiably come out of the family grocery column of your budget instead of mom’s lunch money.

Work the angles, sister!