Let the Tailgating Begin! Products You’ll Like

The lantern repels insects; the griddle puts bacon back on your menu

It’s the South’s favorite season – football – and the food is as essential as team colors. The next few months will have a party-every-weekend sort of vibe and you can enjoy it from your backyard deck almost as much as the stadium.

Check out these fun products for outdoor dining:

Sizzle-Q (littlegriddle.com)

Set the Sizzle-Q all stainless steel barbecue griddle on your grill and you have a whole new variety of foods to cook, including the fan favorite, breakfast (game days start early, after all).  The grease trough at the front catches run-off, so bacon is back on the menu.  It’s 18″ x13″, so there is a good amount of area to work with and the thing is built like a tank, much nicer than you would imagine for $69.99 (also at Sam’s).

Drink & Plate (drinkandplate.com, qvc.com)

Someone else has been just as vexed about managing a Solo cup and a paper plate at once.  These are fun, reusable gizmos to help your guests eat without hunting down a flat spot for drinks to rest. They can be customized, so you can add your rally cry or personalize with a name for your epic tailgate. I like that they’re DISHWASHER SAFE. $14.95 per pack of 6.

Flare Down (gratechef.com)

Wipes for the grill to remove all that post-burger gunk

Yeah, the squirt bottle of water was never a good idea for a grease fire. This spray is all-natural and food safe, so you can manage flares even if your aim isn’t so good and you hit a few burger patties. Flare Down is FDA approved and doesn’t leave a taste or odor on the food. Nothing makes your guests nervous like seeing billowing smoke. This spray could help restore your composure before panic sets in.  $5.99

Thermacell Outdoor Lantern (mosquitorepellent.com)

Flies and mosquitoes love a barbeque, but The ThermaCELL Lantern helps keep them away in a more subtle, practical fashion than the old stinky citronella candle. Besides having an insect repellent, it functions as an LED lantern, and either feature can be used separately or together. It’s silent (no zzzap sounds) and portable. I like that it looks good, covers a 15×15 area, and you don’t have to sit down near it and be reminded of the bugs that want a piece of your burger – or you.. $31.99

Grate Chef Grill Wipes (gratechef.com)

Wipes! We love them. What were we doing before we had wipes of all sorts for all things? These Grill Wipes attach to the bristles of your grill brush so you can apply high-heat, commercial grade grilling oil to your  grill grate.  Of course this prevents food from sticking but you and I both know we like the grill marks that say we know what we’re doing. Grill Wipes also aren’t flammable like spray products. Grill Wipes are non-toxic and biodegradable.  $8.99/pack of three.

The Groover (gratechef.com)

Here’s a product that beats the ol’ wad of foil for scrubbing down your grill.  Groover Cleaning Pads are individually wrapped, pre-saturated pads  with heat activated cleaner.  Attach them to the bristles of your grill brush, and when the pad is applied to a heated grill the cleaner attacks burnt-on grease and grime. Shiny grill grates – just imagine! They work on any grill grate – stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron, etc.  The Groover is food safe and leaves no chemical smell or taste, so you can wipe things down and get straight to grilling.  $8.99/pack of three.