Tellini’s Italiano, Casual Italian on Hwy 280

Tellini’s Italiano just opened on highway 280, a fast-casual restaurant with scratch-made food that is steps above most neighborhood pizza/pasta joints.

The wood-fired pizzas have thin, chewy crusts.The tomato sauce has a hint of sweetness, and the mozzarella is fresh and sliced, not shredded. Olives have a real tang to them, a flavor you’ll realize you’ve missed in the usual canned variety. Sides like navy beans are hearty and could almost make a meal with the sauteed spinach side. (Mild warning: lots of fresh minced garlic in these dishes – delicious, but you should know.) The dining area has plenty of room for high chairs but also has bar height tables in addition to regular size and a small area for outdoor seating.

Baked ziti, hand crafted pizza

The kids menu is from $2.99 for a grilled cheese panini and fruit to $4.99 for chicken alfredo and fruit. Pastas and salads start at $7.99 A specialty is the piadine, or pizza sandwich, which changes daily. The entrees are good sized, but don’t plan on sharing because you’ll want all of yours. If you do split a 10″ pizza, be sure each of you also gets a side salad so things don’t turn ugly on the last slice.

You’ll order at the counter and there is no assigned wait staff, but attendants do assist in refilling drinks and clearing tables. Tellini’s is an easy stop for lunch or dinner. It’s in the strip mall below Super Target 280 and near enough for a milk and bread run while you’re out.

  • Paige

    It is terrible! Skip it! And the food cannot be “scratch made”.

  • dave

    12 bucks for spaghetti and meatalls, no drink.u00a0 I promise–Lean Cuisine is better.u00a0

  • Tina

    Wow, we must have gone on the right day because we enjoyed our meal. However, I agree that any twelve buck spaghetti needs to be remarkable, certainly better than the grocer’s freezer case.

    I also think we can expect a lower price point whenever we eat in a restaurant where we have to place our own orders and take a number. Double digit entrees seem out of place.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • sheila

    I worked there. u00a0I can confirm that the food is terrible, however most of it is from scratch. u00a0They make good salad, but it’s an Italian restaurant.

  • Dexter Berry42

    The food is mind blowing high but good make you want to slap your mother loln

  • Tina

    Can Birmingham MOM approve a comment that something is so good it makes you want to slap your mother? Yes. We’re not afraid.