Enough About Mom Jeans – Get Your Man Out of those DAD Jeans

Ever wonder why there are no "Sexy Husband jeans?" Of course not. It's an oxymoron, like "short sleeve dress shirt. But we are on a mission to change that."

Most of us moms got the memo about mom jeans and have studiously avoided the high waist, light rinse look that has become synonymous with frumpy matron. Now it’s time for men to get rid off their ridiculous papaw jeans.

You know what I am talking about. It’s the comfortable denim your husband throws on without ever noticing that the seat looks like a saggy diaper (haven’t you had enough of that look from the kids?). Sure, his wallet finally fits into its little outline in the back pocket – and let’s pause to acknowledge the breaking-in it takes to achieve this – but we are ready for a new look. Bring on some dressier denim, something date worthy. Dads, just because you have kids, you can’t give up. Snap out of your Docker mentality and work on this.

Tracey James Robinson, Birmingham area fashion stylist and consultant to the Outlet Shops of Grand River, has some suggestions for us as we try to move our men into the parent, not papaw, stage. Tracey says:

One of the first tasks with the majority of my male clients is to update their sad, tired jeans. Many are wearing the same style as they did in college or, worse, their jeans are actually from college (although kudos deserved for still being able to fit into them). Oh my gosh! Tracey has seen the type, alright. Maybe it isn’t just a dad thing after all. Does a man’s jeans timeline get frozen at the point when he graduates college, when he gets married, or when he buys a house and the first powertools? This is up for discussion.

Men can follow many of the same guidelines as women – jeans should be properly fitted, not baggy or sagging (yes, guys, you need to discover the beauty of lycra/spandex!), and a darker, vintage wash is preferred. This wash is nice because it can be worn with a t-shirt or dressed up with a sport coat and driving mocs. This is a great point. Do they even know about lycr

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