Find: Healthy Portion Control Lunch Kit for MDO, Small Kids

Imagine a nutritionist at your shoulder suggesting the proportion and variety of foods you should pack off to school with your kindergartener. For $7.99, you can have pediatrician Dr. Sears’ own suggestions embedded in a dishwasher safe, attractive “Nibble Tray” that takes the guesswork out of packing lunch.

The Nibble Tray speaks to mom with its pineapple shape full of smiley-faced fruits, vegetables, and sandwich compartments that accommodate a variety of foods. The detachable green crown of the “pineapple” is specially made for dips in case your child likes to kick things up with a sauce or just likes to play with his food. The Nibble Tray is designed with picky eaters in mind, with hopes that the exposure to a variety of foods will help them expand their tastes. An instruction booklet on recommended food choices is included, but the food characters make the suggestions pretty clear.

A mom shared that she is always asked about the nibble tray she sends to school with her daughter. She started using the tray when her daughter was in Mother’s Day Out and has continued using it as her daughter has grown into 4K. The mom doubles up on the bite-size portions of sandwiches, fruits and goldfish to reflect her daughter’s appetite (see photo).

What kid wouldn’t sit down to this and feel that she had a party tray catered just for her? The Dr. Sears Nibbler Tray is $7.99 at Amazon.