Fun, Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween used to be the warm up for the holidays, but now it stands on its own decorating occasion. You can’t beat a pumpkin on the steps for a quick seasonal pick-up, but here are a few other ideas that have proven easy:

This wreath could be dressed up in all sorts of ways.

Halloween Wreath. This wreath is $19.99 from Michael’s (you know to use the 40% off coupon, right?) but what distinguishes it is the single letter I added. Grab your monogram from the wood craft section – admittedly, the letter “H” is probably a better fit for Halloween than most – and paint it with a bright orange, acid green, or purple. Secure it to the wreath with clear filament like fishing line or dental floss, and there you go – around fifteen bucks if you use the coupon. You could really spice this up with a spider hanging off of it, but I never do spiders. Spiders do not amuse me.

Be sure to hang bats at different levels and from different points (ears, wings, etc.)

Bats from the chandelier. Buy a couple of sheets of craft foam and cut out bat shapes, then suspend them from a light fixture using more of that fishing line. These take only a few minutes to cut out and are so easy to store and bring out every year. The bats hover above the table and make a simple “cauldron” (crock pot) of chili look wicked and festive. You can’t tell from the photo, but I cut some shapes from a matte black foam sheet and some from a sparkling black foam craft sheet, which look even better in low light. Total cost: four bucks – one dollar for each sheet of foam.

Poster board silhouettes. This idea came from a magazine a few years ago and I’m still using the same cut outs. Admittedly, you’ll need a template if you aren’t artsy, but they are easy to find online.  A black cat is fun for a lower-level window and an owl is perfect for an upstairs window. Be sure to leave a light on inside the room at night to get the full effect. Cost: one dollar for a sheet of poster board.

There are tons of great seasonal ideas around Birmingham. If you only tried these three, you’d have your home Halloween scene going for twenty bucks.